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The Running Mayors Network is an initiative to champion the role of running in our cities & places. 

RunSome Running Mayor

Joined us:

March, 2021

Andy Lane

Running Mayor of Staffordshire

1. Encourage people to see running as a means of transport and to run more often. Why? the habit of taking the car is one that is easy to get into; the decision to take the escalator rather than the stair, then spend time at the gym on the stair climber seem odd choice. Via social media, the aim will be to encourage people to become more active and garner local support. 2. Encourage people to consider the safety of runs and identify safe zone. A self-evidence goal in terms of why, but one that can be achieved via engaging with STRAVA to identify safe running areas and then promoting these via social media and interested parties in Lichfield. Via this engagement, embed the idea of safe running in the town planning that occurs.



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