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The Running Mayors Network is an initiative to champion the role of running in our cities & places. 

RunSome Running Mayor

Joined us:

March, 2021

Captain Eric Ellman

Running Mayor of London Canals

1. Inspiring and informing more people about the joys of running by canals and waterways - directly and via partnerships 2. Sharing the gospel of Chris McDougall’s Born to Run, because understanding anthropology’s distance running hypothesis has made more people I know lifelong runners, and it is fascinating to think we evolved to do something and only in the last few hundred years have designed it out of our daily lives! 3. Working to form new alliances and partnerships in London and around the canals in particular - for example I'd like to create a Paddington Arm Marathon, because the Paddington Arm of the Grand Union Canal is 26.2 miles. It was meant to be!


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